2015 Yorke Adventure Tour RECAP

Well, I have finally caught up on some sleep and recovered from one seriously epic first Earthscape Tour - so time for a recap!
Soon after everyone rocked up at the beautiful Yondah Beach House, the dull grey cloud that had been covering the sky magically disappeared and gorgeous summer skies remained for pretty much the rest of the tour. It made for some amazing water colour on some of Innes National Park's beaches. That's not to say we didn't get any colour at sunrise/sunset though... we were blessed with some amazing light during our last sunset shoot.
We all felt for Hannah who left her tripod at home and had to suffer through using Joel's old one, which to be honest is more like a heap of scrap metal! She did well with it though and avoided any accidents.
Our first shoot was sunset at West Cape.. the sky was mainly clear but the scene was stunning as we explored the cape on all sides.  All in all, a nice solid start to the tour! Before the shoot we experienced our first 'Yorkes Uncorked' meal.. an incredible seafood feast on the cliffs overlooking the coastline. Amazing food and service from Amanda, Jo and team.. and just the start of 3 days of 'to die for' food.
Sunrise the next day meant getting up at 5am and driving to Stenhouse Bay. Skies were mainly clear again, but it didn't stop us exploring the place and capturing the iconic jetty. Some of us clambered down onto the rocks while Tom was up to his usual tricks exploring the hard to get to places.. losing his sunnies to the ocean in the process.
Saturday we explored the Innes beaches as we moved slowly north to our evening destination Corny Point. One of the highlights was definitely the Royston Head walk which ended in some absolutely stunning coastline views.
We were all pretty tired after a long day when we made it to Corny Point. The scene ahead of us was a dining table setup next to the lighthouse and overlooking the rocky coastline though.. Wow! We recharged our energy and enjoyed a beautiful roast dinner and met up with our special guest for the evening, light painting star Denis Smith.
After smashing out another sunset shoot with some crazy purple afterglow - it was Denis's time to get us all light painting. Without a full moon and on the rocky coastline it was a challenge for us all - but so much fun was had! Exhausted, we all convoyed back to Yondah and a couple of us continued the party by shooting the Aurora from the back deck! It was only faint.. but it was definitely there! We think... haha
After such a massive Saturday, Sunday was all about sleeping in and recharging our batteries. We spent some time going over some editing techniques in the morning and then made our way to Pondalowie Bay for a pretty sweet BBQ from Yorke's Uncorked. Joel smashed about 10 patties and was heard mumbling for more later that night.
Sunday afternoon we popped into Shell Beach and spent the afternoon splashing in a seriously amazing rock pool with cascading waterfalls. The water colour was to die for and Joel got out his Water Housing, capturing some cool underwater images.
We were undecided on where to shoot sunset but after our final amazing dinner on location at West Cape we thought we would head down the long steps and see how the rocks below would work for us. We're all glad we did, as we got some amazing conditions and light and all came away with something sweet.
Sleep deprived and sun burned we headed back to Yondah and went out with a bang! We found a little private cove with high cliffs on either side and a steep walk down and spent hours doing light painting and chilling next to a bonfire. What an amazing finish to our tour!
We all went home pretty tired the next day, but definitely fulfilled after 4 days of great photography with a great group. Bring on the next one!

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